How to learn French culinary specialities

Discover oenology in Paris


This is the scientific study of making wines. There are classes that have been set by different schools to teach and unravel the secrecies about wine making. The classes teach how to make different tastes from different grapes. It is a thrilling experience that one will get while in Paris.


Learn French recipes

The classes are offered throughout the week and are of small numbers, this ensures one understands the whole process of winemaking. One gets to learn and also interact with visitors from different places. The classes are either in English or French it will depend with the language one understands better. They are not that brain storming classes, here one is having fun and getting the skills from the sommelier. There is a lot of taking, interacting and laughing since everyone has come to have fun and to have knowledge around wines. At the end of the classes one will not imagine the skills they would have gotten like discovering different wines and exact grapes they extracted them, the origin of the wine and blind test. One should be ready to be a little drunk since after classes they share the wine they have made while giving stories thus visitors are able to know Paris culture while learning.


Oenology classes are thought by professionals and payment are manageable. The learner will get different skills that will make them experts in winemaking. This can create a job for one who loves this experience. A visitor can go home and start his or her own oenology classes that will always bring great memories about oenology classes in Paris. A qualified trainee is given a certificate this will enable them to start their own business when they want. For the best oenology classes in Paris visit Le foodist.