How to learn French culinary specialities

Cooking holiday France, tips and advice

Food tours are supposed to be fun ,however, some people find themselves regretting the time and money spent on a food tour. Here are some tips which will ensure that your food tour is enjoyable and memorable.

Book early

Most cooking classes in Paris (see here) take in a small number of people. The small classes guarantee participation and easy management of the course by the chef. Booking three months earlier helps you prepare yourself in advance and guarantees you a spot in the desired culinary class. Rust hour rush is dangerous because you might find out that your desired course is booked to capacity. If the tickets are already sold out, you can wait for a later date, or choose a different class both of which are undesirable. Remember to travel with enough money; you might find some additional classes which you would like to enroll.

Check reviews

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There are so many hotels offering cooking classes but some hotels offer quality services than others. Get a friend to recommend a culinary class they have already taken. If you do not have that friend, look up the reviews of the place you plan to take a class from the internet. The reviews will help you set realistic goals for your cookery class.

Understand your package

Cooking classes are different; that is why there is a variety. Some cooking classes will have free market visits while others are purely indoors. Inquire about the distance of the market if you have a problem with walking. The last thing you should do on a food tour is to strain yourself. If you are allergic, be cautious about the classes you choose. Know your chef early enough, look them up on the internet if possible. It is difficult for an excellent chef to change overnight, good chefs will remain to be consistent.